Smallish Bloggery, Day 30: I will go down with this ‘ship

Sorry guys.  My last two days of Smallish Bloggery were interrupted – I was felled by a brief but intense bout of food poisoning that involved 102F fever and longing for the sweet embrace of death a bit more than wanting to blog.  

I am still feeling pretty horrid, to be honest, so instead of waxing bloggerific about ships I know and love, or any of that, I shall just refer  you to my work over on Archive of Our Own where you can read a bit more about a couple of my favorites, as long as you like a) boys getting it on and b) significantly adult-oriented material.

I’ll be back with a Day 31 wrap-up as soon as I feel able.  In the meantime, please enjoy some exceedingly gratuitous Johnlock and Frostshield:

suchaprettyface at Archive of Our Own 

(18+ only please, thank you)

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Smallish Bloggery, Day 29: I dip my french fries in…

…ketchup.  Specifically, if I can get it, Whataburger ketchup.

Whataburger, if you’re not from Texas, is a fast food chain that is mostly located in the Lone Star State and is kind of ubiquitous here.  I can’t speak much for the burgers anymore but their fries are just about my favorite on the planet and their ketchup is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, so much so so that a few years back they started selling it in grocery stores.

It also comes in spicy.

I also love to dip fries in white cream gravy…and yes, chocolate milkshakes.  A nice salty fry in a chocolate shake…mmmm.  But only shoestring fries like Whataburger’s – not big ol’ wedges or anything flavored.  

I’ve been known to dip tater tots in barbecue sauce as well.  But tater tots are not french fries.  Fries have their own magic.

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Smallish Bloggery, Day 28: In my bag

I really have tried to keep up with the prompts this month – I know I’m doing kind of a shit job of it, but as I mentioned it’s been hard to get all the pieces of a blog post together without reliable internet service at home (and I can’t do much at my day job).  We’re almost at the end, though, just four more prompts!  That’s crazy!

Anyway, here are the contents of my bag, unedited for your enjoyment. 

Let’s just go from left to right, shall we?  

We have a pack of Zebra Mildliners, two U by Kotex maxi pads, two (count ’em, two) Scribbles that Matter A5 dot grid notebooks (the purple one is my bullet journal, the teal is a long-term lists and collections journal), a composition notebook I recovered to use for just general notes.  In the middle is a card holder with various non-ID cards like my library and AAA cards, a tiny Santoro Gorjuss notebook just in case I need something else to write on, some pseudoephedrine (the real thing, not that fakey shit that doesn’t work worth a damn), cough drops, and some AA batteries from IKEA which are going to work with me to power the string of tiny lights around my desk.  Oh, and a few coins, I think about $.76.  On the right we have my art box (detail below), about $12 I didn’t know I had, an altered tiny Altoids tin full of Advil liquid gels, and a little adapter thingie I don’t need anymore for my earbuds.  In the back you can see my actual bag, which is this one from Amazon and sports this adorable pin of Angelica from Hamilton.

Much more complicated are the contents of my art box.  I got the box itself from Target last year in their school supplies – if I see any this year I’m going to buy another, because they’re so useful.  

I don’t know where all of these items came from, but I’ll do my best.  Left to right on front:

  1. a binder clip, a dog-shaped paperclip, and a paperclip shaped like an @ all of which I liberated from work
  2. sharp-as hell scissors in a handy sheath
  3. a half-sized X-acto knife, which came in a package of tiny tools I got on clearance at Michaels forever ago
  4. A Kuretake Zig 2-Way glue pen
  5. Two sizes of click eraser – one’s the kind you get at the grocery store, the other a Uni-E Knock eraser
  6. Kyoto FitCurve mechanical pencil
  7. A Pilot P-500 pen
  8. Three (for some reason) Pilot Razor Point fineliners
  9. A Sakura Decorese white gel pen
  10. A Tombow dual brush pen in Cool Grey 1
  11. Pentel 4mm correction tape
  12. A wee bone folder, which came in the same set as the mini X-acto knife
  13. Some Kokuyo mini sticky notes
  14. A steel 6″ ruler
  15. A bullet journal grid ruler from DearLily Designs on Etsy
  16. Some skull stickers, origin unknown

And across the top we have:

  1. A gift card or some other useless card cut in half, which I use to cut washi tape
  2. A wee glue roller I got in a pack from Staples
  3. An absolutely dreadful pencil sharpener that cost like fifty cents at Target or someplace
  4. Washi tape (I think both came from Joann originally) that I use to repair my bullet journal when I’ve torn out pages and the whole signature tries to fall out
  5. Some random page flags




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Smallish Bloggery, Day 27: 5 favorite books by women

These aren’t all of my favorite books by women, or even necessarily my absolute favorite books by women, but I’ve listed the same books over and over for years as favorites so I thought I’d try give some different books a bit of love.

Alice Hoffman, The Rules of Magic

A prequel to Practical Magic, whose movie adaptation you know I love, TRoM is in my opinion a much better book than its predecessor.  The origins of the Owens “curse,” as well as the history of The Aunts (and the brother you never knew about), plays out as a much richer narrative to me.  I would love to see a TV or movie adaptation of this one too, if they got the right cast.

Jes Baker, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Jes just had a deeply personal memoir come out this year, but for some reason it didn’t affect me nearly as strongly as her first book, which I adore cover to cover.  

This is the movie tie-in version I have – I think I swiped it from one of my brothers when I was a kid.

Dodie Smith, The Hundred and One Dalmatians

Yep, another Disney movie you probably didn’t know started as a novel.  It’s also very different from the film – in the novel there are three adult Dalmatians in the family, for starters.  Smith is perhaps better known, literary-wise, for her novel I Capture the Castle, which I’ve heard great things about and have a copy of but still haven’t managed to read.  (You might not be able to find this one easily – Amazon wasn’t much help – but the public library might be a good place to try.)

Sally Kempton, Meditation for the Love of It

The best in-depth book on meditation I’ve ever read, and one that approaches the subject from a slightly different angle.  Instead of focusing on the effects meditation has on your life, Kempton believes we should meditate for the sake of meditating – to enjoy hooking up to what she calls the “meditation current,” and to delve our minds and spirits to learn and grow without focusing on what we’re going to get out of it.  Kempton comes from a modern Tantric background and her methods have helped me meditate more often, more deeply, and more happily than any others I’ve ever tried.

Amy B. Scher, This is How I Save My Life

My love of memoirs, especially spiritually-focused memoirs by women, is a known thing, as is my fascination with India, so the story of a woman with late-stage Lyme disease who, in desperation, goes to India to receive stem cell therapy and in the process finds her entire being changed was right up my alley.  I loved this book enough to read it all in one night and be utterly useless the next day at work.  

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Smallish Bloggery Day 26: Care instructions for your new Sylvan

Congratulations on the newest member of your family!  Your new Sylvan will bring you years of companionship and no doubt a good deal of consternation.

Upon arriving home be sure and introduce Sylvan to the rest of your family slowly.  She is shy of strangers and may bite if approached aggressively.  She takes a while to warm up to you but one day you may be rewarded with the occasional sloppy drunken hug!

Give your Sylvan her own room and don’t be surprised if she spends a lot of time there.  Sylvan suffers from a mood disorder that leaves her very tired most of the time, and she also tends to need lots of time to herself to balance out the mad shrieking urge to run mad and shrieking when forced to be around people too long.  Sylvan likes to have a comfortable bed and needs access to a toilet as she has a bladder the size of a peanut.  You’ll find she doesn’t go outside much during Summer and can’t tolerate heat but comes alive in Fall and Winter!

Feed your Sylvan lots of delicious foods, ideally avoiding dairy, flesh, and eggs.  You may find that your Sylvan has tummy trouble on a regular basis – don’t be alarmed.  Adopting a rescue Sylvan means bringing home all of her quirks, and that means IBS!

Some of Sylvan’s favorite foods are:

  • Coke Zero
  • Haagen Dasz nondairy flavors
  • Toast with almond butter
  • Hummus with tortilla chips or sliced baguette
  • French fries with Whataburger ketchup
  • Indian food, especially a nice aloo ghobi
  • Starbucks soy Frappuccinos or other nondairy iced coffee beverages
  • Moscow Mules (in moderation – a hungover Sylvan can ruin your whole day!)

To avoid negative experiences for everyone in the family please do not attempt to feed your Sylvan:

  • Kale
  • Avocados
  • Any sort of mayonnaise product
  • Too many raw vegetables 

Your Sylvan also needs lots of emotional support when it comes to her writing.  She’s very sensitive!  Whatever you do don’t ask her about sales numbers, Amazon reviews, or when she’s going to come out with a new book.  Avoid taking your Sylvan around too many other writers as she may become territorial and bite.  

Make absolutely sure your Sylvan has access to reliable wifi and a Macbook, and she’ll happily write away her days if she ever gets another goddamn story idea.  With a little love and a whole lot of junk food, your Sylvan will make a great addition to your household!  






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