Now Available…The Agency, Volume 4

Happy New Year!  As we give 2013 a resounding boot to the back end, let’s welcome 2014 with some paranormal shenanigans.

Yep, it’s time for another one – the fourth volume in my way-back-when series, The Agency, is now available for download in the Amazon Kindle Store for only $4.99, or as a pdf download below.

710cytBHYNL._SL1500_Shadow Agent Sara Larson is in a rather uncomfortable position: pregnant with an impossible baby that may or may not be one of the saviors of the entire planet, the child of an Elf who may or may not be a lost god. She and Rowan, her lover and friend, retreat to Clan Willow in the Hill Country of Texas to try and find answers about the mysterious forces converging on the Shadow Agency. 

Meanwhile back in Austin, Rowan’s partner Jason tries to heal the rift between himself and Rowan while the cause of that rift, Lex the Seraph, finds himself a target of his own kind. Two opposing entities appear to be conjuring Seraph to do their bidding – but who are they, and where does Lex himself fit in? 

Time is running out for all of them, as a shadowy figure from a past Rowan doesn’t remember reaches out, calling them all: Come to the Dreaming Gate.

The Agency, Volume 4 pdf – $4.99 USD

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In addition, if you were hoping for a pdf of Volume 3, it’s finally available – go to the Volume 3 post to purchase.

Happy reading and happy 2014!

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Ten Things I Love:

Let’s Start With Some Fangirling and Move on From There:

1 ~ Shockingblankets on Tumblr – she makes the most adorable little animated gifs from various fandoms – mostly Sherlock, but also Supernatural, Doctor Who, and a few others. She’s one of maybe five fan artists who doesn’t make porn.  This one is my favorite.  I could watch it for hours.

2 ~ While we’re on the subject, I’ve developed an intense-to-the-point-of-ridiculous fangirl crush on everyone’s favorite Brit (for the moment anyway) – Benedict Cumberbatch.  I’ve had the hots for his voice for months, but it wasn’t until I saw him in Star Trek Into Darkness all butch and evil that I really lost my mind.  I described what happened this way:

I think that’s how it works for a lot of people. You’re all, “Okay, let’s see what the fuss is about with this Sherlock thing…dear GOD, is that his REAL VOICE? Kinda funny looking, but…keep talking.” And then it’s all “I’m gonna walk over your cold corpses because I KILLED YOU WITH MY CHEEKBONES,” and you’re all, “Why, Mister Britishguy Sillyname, that shirt is certainly…snug. I think I’d like to have your babies…wait, what just happened?”

That voice, (Seriously, click on that link and listen to him read “All the World’s a Stage.” My lower chakras experience significant tectonic shifting and also OMG YUM.) those hands, and that mouth.  Good God.  I’ve got a thing for hands the way a lot of people do for butts and eyes.  Show me you’ve got a lovely pair of hands and really good shoulders and I’ll climb you like my Aunt Mary’s peach tree.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 11.58.05 PM

I am quite looking forward to women all over America having a slightly perverted crush on an animated dragon this Winter.

3 ~  For years I said, “I just can’t get into Matt Smith as the Doctor.  I’m a Tennant girl.  He’s just…like a history teacher.”  But I finally gave him a shot, and it turns out the Eleven years have had some of the best episodes in the show’s run (the recent show, not the classic; I’ve never watched classic Who).  Naturally the minute I decided I liked him they announced he was leaving the show.  *laugh*  That’s okay.  I’ve enjoyed Nine, Ten, and Eleven in different ways, and I’m looking forward to meeting Twelve. I just hope Clara sticks around a while; I adore her. I’m not sure why – her sass, how blatantly flirty she is with the Doctor and how it turns him all flailing limbs and “Shut up!”, how she’s not always brave but she is when it matters.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 12.10.10 AM

4 ~ I suppose it’s some kind of writer faux pas to be a tremendous fangirl of your own work, but I can’t help it – I fall in love with all of my characters (except the assholes…okay, I guess it depends on how you define asshole).  I particularly enjoyed writing the character arcs in SHADOWBOUND – as a warning (only eight months early), it’s to your advantage to think of it as having two main characters, as the book is pretty equally divided between Miranda and Deven.  That’s not a permanent condition of the series, but it was important for the story of this particular book.  As the mytharc gets more complex it’s damn near impossible to focus the camera too tightly.  And I really do love writing both of them – actually I love writing David too.  And Stella.  And Jonathan and Olivia and Cora and Jacob and Nico and Avi…oh, wait, you haven’t met Avi.  (Don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler, he’s the first person you meet when you open the book.)

They say that in a dream, every person you encounter represents a part of you; I feel the same way about fictional characters.  The only way to truly get into someone’s skin is to leave something of yourself there to connect to.  I’ve never killed anyone, but I’ve felt rage; I’ve never used emotions as a psychic weapon, but I’ve certainly been emotionally manipulative.  I’m a bit of a nerd, spiritually conflicted, excessively fond of trees, a survivor, and of course a snark maven.  I don’t just have one author-insert character: I have twenty.  And I love it.

5 ~ Offbeat Home: Your Gorgeous Wall-o-Goals I enjoy Offbeat Home in general, but I thought this post was particularly fun; it’s a visual way of making your “bucket list” or whatever list of goals you have in mind for the future.  You make each one visually appealing, so your eye is drawn to them, and that makes you think about them more.  And it’s even something I can do with my graphically impaired brain.  This post also introduced me to Ribbet, which is the best thing since non-sliced frogs.

6 ~ These five fonts:


1. Drakoheart Leiend – you’ve seen it on the covers of the Agency books.

2. EF Petras Script – the title font on this website; the only one of these that wasn’t free.

3. Lilith – one of my favorite serif fonts for making text interesting but still very readable.

4. Samarkan – makes anything look like pseudoSanskrit.

5. Talking to the Moon – mostly I just like the name.

7`~ “Daylight” by Maroon 5.  This song is just so lovely.  I have it as my ringtone and I have yet to get sick of hearing it.  (Just by way of trivia, my alarm tone is a violin version of “Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit. A very pleasant way to wake up, all things considered.)

8 ~ I love deep and interwoven insights. For the past few days I’ve been writing a sort of miniature spiritual memoir tracking my religious experiences from childhood up to today; just an overview, not a book or anything.  I wasn’t sure why I was doing it, since there are some things that I cannot share right now and may never be able to – events whose heavy fallout damaged or deepened my spiritual life.  But I think now the point wasn’t to share it, but to see my history as a story; I keep a Word file with significant events each year because of my memory issues, but here I saw it all in place, in a way that almost made sense.  I could see patterns and possibilities I’d only vaguely felt before.  What, you might ask, am I going to do with these insights?  Not a bloody clue.  But I feel like I’ve done something very good for my spirit even if I don’t know exactly what it means…yet.

9 ~ Speaking of big issues, can I just offer a slow clap of appreciation for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love?” A white straight guy takes on the hip-hop community’s homophobia by recording a track about same-sex marriage – and it’s getting air play on radio stations all over Austin.  That’s just…ballsy, Mr. Macklemore.  Well done. I admit the first time I heard it I got teary-eyed at a stoplight and had to take a few breaths to drive on.

10 ~ I love that I’m down to only one finished shrine in my Etsy Store, but that means I need to get off my duff and make more! I feel kind of bad for Lord Shiva; he was the first I made for the store and still hasn’t found his forever home. I need to make him some companions – maybe I’ll get one made this weekend.  The Hafiz blue tree shrine was really popular; I could do something similar with one of the other smaller tins.  Hmm…*rubs hands together with evil glee*

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Now Available: The Agency, Volume 3

Yep, it’s time for another one – the third volume in my way-back-when series, The Agency, is now available for download in the Amazon Kindle Store for only $4.99, or as a pdf download below.

agency cover 3

“The third volume of Dianne Sylvan’s Agency series features three stories – The Fires of Beltaine, Last Dance, and Altitude.

Now that Sara Larson is a full-fledged Shadow Agent, she expects to find herself in dangerous and weird situations galore, but things in the Agency are about to go from weird to epically strange as her lover and friend Rowan discovers his true identity. Meanwhile Jason, the lead Agent and Rowan’s partner, makes what is either a horrible mistake or a miracle, and brings someone new into everyone’s lives…a creature even stranger than Elves and vampires…a creature with wings.

But something even bigger is coming for Sara. Even with all of the paranormal and dangerous adventures she has had, there’s one adventure she never expected to go on, a fate she never wanted…and the choices she makes in the face of that fate will change everything…for everyone.”

As usual, expect a good bit of adult content in this book.  The first story’s centered around Beltaine, after all.

The Agency, Volume 3 pdf – $4.99 USD

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