A New Month, a New Form of Insanity

A couple, actually.

First, if you signed up for my email newsletter, you may or may not get one for April. I’ve made the decision to discontinue it in favor of a Patreon site – the simple reality is that if I’m not going to be traditionally published for a while, I need to find other ways to keep the wifi on and the coffee flowing (and the cat food, Owen would like me to mention), and a Patreon seems like a good way to do that where you guys will get stuff frequently if you sign up.

The site is not set up yet, but you may be familiar with artists like Amanda Palmer doing the same thing.  I’m not quite that ambitious, but subscribers will receive chapters each month, the final book itself for free, and access to all my extras, printables, new projects, and such before anyone else (and sometimes exclusively).  My books will still come out in hardcopy and digital just like normal, but you’ll have the opportunity to read them as they’re written, the way I used to write back in the day. (Hell of a day, right?)

I’ll have more details and hopefully the whole thing ready to launch by April 15.  

Secondly, I’ve signed up for a new e-course this April called Daily Musings: Agenda Journaling by Hope Wallace, the lovely talent behind besottment.com.  I really like her way of using a daily agenda as a diary – I had intended to do that in my planner, but it turns out I actually need my planner to plan things, so if I want to keep a journal or diary of what goes on in my life I need another format.  I’m really excited about it.

I don’t plan on posting my pages every day – maybe once a week, or just once in a while.  It depends on how well it goes.  But I wanted to show you where I’m starting off.

For my agenda I found a cheap-ass Moleskine 2015 Daily Diary, which was cheap for two reasons: one, 2015 is already a quarter gone, and two, it was this heinous shade of pink:

If you've seen the BBC Sherlock's first episode you can imagine the true horror of this pink. It's actually way uglier in person.  Sort of Pepto Bismol meets Barbie on acid.
If you’ve seen the BBC Sherlock’s first episode you can imagine the true horror of this pink. It’s actually way uglier in person. Sort of Pepto Bismol meets Barbie on acid.

I mean, damn.

I had no intention of leaving it like that, however.  A couple of hours and a lot of glue later, I have a sort-of-vintage looking agenda that I actually love looking at:

2015-04-01 09.13.02

Much better!

Moleskines have a pocket inside the back cover, and I added a library pocket I found while rummaging through my endless paper stores.  I crumpled and then inked up the “spine” of the book before gluing it down to give it a more old-book-feel.

Most of the materials were pulled from my scrap bin and stash so I have no idea where they came from, but I’ll list the ones I know:

The Paper Studio Tattered & Worn paper stack –

I’m not going to link to the product page as it’s an exclusive Hobby Lobby line and I refuse to shop there.  I bought this about 7 years ago before they had pissed me off.  But there are other cheap paper collections with the same sort of thing going: fakey vintage and worn out old paper.  The background patterned sheet, the green, and the brown papers all came from this same stack, which I’ve used extensively over the years:

You can get it on Ebay, though,
You can get it on Ebay, though, if that’s better.
Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Ornate Plates and Long Fastener Brads

1_35743_FS 1_45025_FS


Tim Holtz Distress Ink (by Ranger)


Colors used:

  • Vintage Photo
  • Black Soot
  • Old Paper
  • Pumice Stone

The dragonfly embellishment is by K&Company but for the life of me I couldn’t find it online.

Elmer’s Craft Bond Extra-Strength Glue Stick

1/4″ Scor-Tape (double-sided hella strong tape)





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