You Won’t Believe These Hot Throbbing Pens!


Writers, as you might expect, tend to be pen whores, even if all our writing is done on a keyboard. There’s just something about that stark black line flowing onto a pristine page, turning into a letter, a word, a sentence…it’s like crack.  Today I got a package from JetPens, my new pusher in the world of office supplies, and just for fun, I thought I’d share my new toys.

Being left-handed, having essential tremor, and having tiny tiny handwriting, I tend toward quick-drying gel rollers and needle points to cut down on smudging and general floopyness.  Here’s a quick review of the pens I ordered this time round, along with a wee writing sample of each as well as links to more information over on the JetPens website.

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A Picture of Words is Worth 1000…hmm.

I think, and I hesitate to say this at the risk of jinxing it, that my overall Bipolarometer might be tipping ever so slightly toward the more positive end of the scale.  There’ve been some wretched days and nights lately, but I keep getting little flashes and glimpses that remind me there are other ways to feel besides depressed.

Meanwhile, I started a new journal; Daisy Jane, my faithful art journal, was finally full.  So far this new one (as yet unnamed) is just ink and pasted-in pictures, but I’m sure it’ll be good and messed up before long.  I’ve been doing some self-analysis as it is a week (exactly) before my 37th birthday.  Thus we have one of the first pages, my “To Be List”:

2014-11-11 16.48.03

And just to show you I don’t believe in guilty pleasures (if your pleasures hurt no one, you should never feel guilty about them), we have my current playlist, a bunch of albums I threw together and have been jamming out to all week.

2014-11-12 12.32.24
I bought this notepad from Eclectic Notecards to go on the inside front cover of my planner. I love it – the paper is absolutely luxurious. Click on the picture to see more of her wares.

More soon – enjoy your Day of Humping!


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An Art Journal Quickie

One of the unexpected side effects of all the browsing I’ve been doing on bookbinding and art journaling boards is that I keep running into Books of Shadows and other Pagan-related stuff.  Some of it is Pinworthy, some more cringeworthy (honestly, rhyming couplets? Why is anyone still using those? For a while in my 20s the entire Pagan community sounded like Mother Goose.), but one thing it all had was nostalgia.

One chant in particular (which, oddly, doesn’t rhyme at all) was one of my very favorites because of the way our coven used to sing it – in parts, usually, with one person taking one or more elements, sometimes switching it about midway, sometimes staying steady.  As I was working on my recipe binder last night (pics coming soon!) I found myself singing it quietly, and smiling,

To commemorate those days I grabbed my art journal, Daisy Jane, and created the following on the page facing the Bill & Ted quote.  It’s the first regular old art journal page I’ve done in a while and I’m quite pleased with it, for the colors if nothing else.

Element Chant

And there, the two neighboring pages together, held up by a happy little Ganesh:

excellent elements

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Stuff and Things

Taking a moment from the ongoing circus that is my psyche to show off some new things I made.  Technically my writing hiatus ends on the 31, but as much as I love the idea of a drumroll followed immediately by my leaping to the keyboard where I stay, engaged in joyful detente with my muse…well, it ain’t happening.  I didn’t really expect taking a break to jump start my creativity, and lo and behold, something turned out exactly like I expected it to.

In the meantime, I’ve been altering more composition books and also remaking my recipe binder (again, but this time I mean it) which I’ll show you once it’s closer to finished and I can get some pics.  Today, I’d like to share two projects for myself, one practical and one profound.

First is this mini art kit made from, you guessed it, an Altoids tin.  It’s sparsely decorated because I expect it to take a beating in my bag.  I needed something to hold tiny items that would otherwise get lost in my pencil pouch.

The artwork on top was a card that came free in a washi tape order from the lovely Aimee at  Go see her bright, happy drawings and tapes – a definite mood lifter.

Mini Art TinInside the tin are a few wee essentials:  a broken Prismacolor wrapped in washi tape, some Post-it page flags, a few stickers held inside the lid with a sort of belly-band, and a mini ink cube from Hero Arts in Cornflower blue. There’s also some red double-sided tape, and several tiny stamps (I use them in my planner) that I wood mounted by gluing them to Scrabble tiles.

edart tin int 1

I’m sure there will be more items in it once I reorganize my art bag.

Next up is a journal I made for the month of August, when I intend to do a bit of slightly structured everything-searching.  I’m not 100% sure what all that will encompass, but for now, I’ve got a journal ready to go – each day will have a checklist for things like meditation, glasses of water, fruit and veg, gratitude practice, and then room for me to just write or draw or whatever this turns into.

edsj front cover

The journal, who I am calling Sana (long story), started life as a composition book, and like with the Nefarious Plans book I made I used the Beautiful You paper collection from Creative Imaginations.  The metallic charms and such were all in my stash so I’m not sure where most of them came from, but the sparkly things are Recollections from Michael’s.  It’s overenthusiastically distressed with Black Soot and Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

Inside, there’s an acetate window over a pocket to house affirmation cards I’m making, and a pocket down below to store the extras not on display.

edsj int window open

The back cover has a three-pocket situation for god knows what.  I just had fun making it and thought it looked pretty.

edsj back int full

And last is the back cover, not terribly interesting.

Not pictured, the divider/bookmark I made out of a purloined file folder from my office (it was about 20 years old, and that’s not an exaggeration, so I felt justified offering it new life) sprayed down liberally with Dylusions and Glimmer Mists ink sprays and stencils.  I’ll try to get a pic and post it next time.

As always, if you want to see more about these projects, you can have a look at my Flickr photostream.

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Art Journal Page of the Day: Be Excellent

I was browsing all those pretty illustrated quotes on Etsy, and for some reason this movie line jumped into my head.  My fellow 80s children will get a grin.

be excellent

Can’t you imagine that hanging in somebody’s grandma’s kitchen?

Materials: Daisy Jane journal, Prismacolor pencils, Pitt artist pens.

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