Freebie Friday!

I’m reopening the printed-stuff portion of my Etsy shop, and am adding a few items (rolling them out slowly, anyway) I think people will enjoy.  One I do believe might qualify as ingenious.

It’s hard to tote all of your planner candy around with you.  When I discovered the idea of a book for all my frequently-used stickers, I squeed.  The cool thing is, you don’t have to make one the perfect size and shape; there’s a very cheap alternative already in your craft store.

Go to Michael’s, Joann’s, even Wal Mart and Target most of the time, and you’ll be able to find incredibly cheap 4×6″ photo albums (commonly known as “brag books”).  They’re how people used to carry around pictures of the kids before smart phones.  At just about $1 apiece, they make fantastic on-the-go organization.  All you have to do is yank out the cover image they already had in there, replace it with something way cooler, and then fill it up with your stickers, washi samples, cards, anything flat.  A cheap hairband will keep it shut if you worry about things falling out.  (Mine’s stuffed full and nothing’s fallen out yet.)

What I’m planning to do is sell one of these books with a cover of my own design, filled with stickers from my shop.  It’ll be a flat fee that discounts the stickers a bit, and only about half the album will be full so that people can stuff it the rest of the way with other people’s stickers and such.  It’ll be like a starter kit!  I was quite pleased with this idea.

Before I get them ready to sell, however, I wanted to pass the idea along for those of you who are already up to HERE with stickers but could use a way to take along the ones you use most.  These albums are extremely lightweight, and since you don’t shell out big bucks for them like you do your planner, it can get beaten up in your bag until it falls apart.

Today’s freebie, then, is a set of cover images for these brag books.  They boast a particularly adorable clipart peacock (not my design, hence I’m giving these away, you know how I feel about selling other peoples’ artwork even though in this case I have limited license).  One set has a title and a spot for you to fill out your name; the other has no words.  You can switch them around however you like.  You could probably even think of other things to do with them, like turn a blank one into a greeting card or a journaling card.  The covers themselves are 4.5″ x 6.25″ (the books hold 4×6″ photos or sticker sheets), and are presented in full color via a pdf.

Happy downloading!

Click here to nab the printable sticker album front and back covers absolutely free!

Here’s what one of them looks like, just to give you a peek.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.52.43 AM

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We All Like Free Stuff, Right?


Just a quickie:

I’ve compiled a page listing all the free things I’ve posted here – printables, graphics, that sort of thing.  Some of them are really old and kind of embarrassing to look at now that I have a little more Pixelmator experience, but they’re all there.  You’re welcome to do whatever you like with what you find there, as long as it’s for personal use only.  If you’d like to link to one of them on your own blog or what-have-you, please give credit to Dianne Sylvan and provide a link to this website.

Meanwhile, on the subject of free things, if you’re suffering from Shadow World withdrawal (and who isn’t, really) don’t forget the Extras page – you can read (or re-read) short stories and funny stuff that fleshes out the world a bit absolutely free.

Screen Shot 2012-07-15 at 2.04.35 PM

If you’re relatively new here or just didn’t know they were there, do check them out – I love my little bits.  Go hunting with David and Miranda; see an extra scene with our dearly departed Sophie; read the story of how Deven and Jonathan met.  Queen of Shadows told in LOLCats! The rules for Shadow World vampires! And let’s not forget the several-story arc about David and Deven, also known as These Two Idiots Are Going to Screw Everything Up In About 70 Years and Here’s Why.

(There’s actually one more story in that arc that I never did finish, but it’s really really good, so I might have to go back to it.  I know it’s been a while since I posted a new Extra, but never fear, more are coming.)


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Book Lover’s Freebie

I made these for myself earlier this week and thought, “Hey, other people might like them.”

They’re bookmarks with space for notes – you can keep track of when you started a book, where you got it, what you enjoy about it, and how you’d rate it.  I know I often forget if I’ve finished a book or even opened it before, especially if I didn’t get very far the first time.  I wanted a spot where I could indicate how I felt about a book as I was going along, or anything about it that jumped out at me, like a great scene or quote.  I haven’t decided whether I want to paste them into a journal-type thing, or leave them in the books as a reference for next time.

Either way, I thought some folks might find them useful, so, click on the image to download a pdf of a bunch of them that you can print on paper or cardstock and cut out:


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Troubleshooting Your Goals (w/free printable)

That title sure does sound life-coachy, doesn’t it?

Trust me, I’m nobody’s coach. I’m not a role model, not a leader.  I’ve been those things and I wasn’t very good at them.  I’m a woman who screws up utterly on a regular basis and has more issues than Reader’s Digest.  What I do well, however, is turn those issues into something other people can use – my misadventures become something of a crack-addled GPS for people’s lives.

In 500 yards, turn left on Bipolar Blvd. Take the feeder road onto Existential Crisis Tollway. Head north toward Poisonous Envy, Texas.  Bypass Commitment Crossing.

Perhaps it’s foolish to try and think my way out of a depressive cycle, but the last med I tried made me horribly ill, and in begging my shrink to just let me stay on Wellbutrin by itself until our next appointment, I left a large part of my brain undefended.  But I’m so tired…so very tired…of trying new meds, going into the whole routine all over again.  Side effects, worsening, then letting up; hope building, sometimes even convincing me this particular cocktail will be viable for a while…until it isn’t anymore, and here we are again.  This, you see, is what kills us: not the depths of despair we find and are unable to dig out of.  What kills us is having to do it over and over and over again with no real assurance it will ever be any different.

I’ve been on this same bipolarcoaster since 2004 when, after my brother killed himself, A single gunshot two hundred miles away from me managed to blow holes in my entire life.  I’m still dealing with the fallout from that.

At any rate, as I was pondering a long list of questions whose answers have eluded me, I thought to myself, “I could make this prettier, and maybe other people could make it useful too.”

So, here we are – a single sheet download to help you think about any of those long-term goals you were hella excited about in January but have lost your zeal for now in July.  Consider the questions on this sheet and ask yourself, can any of them be rephrased or reframed to make them resonate more with your spirit?  So much of self-discovery is in the wording.

Take this and download it, print it, make copies, share them – just don’t get money for them and we’re square..  I hope if nothing else my design sense can help somebody  out there get her shit together.

What’s Holding Me Back

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A Shameful Lack of Planner Pimpage (w/free download)

As I have been, as my BFF would describe it, “Dick-in-the-dirt depressed” the last couple of weeks, unfortunately I didn’t do much in my planner this week, and certainly not anything fun enough to post.

To make up for such a lapse, here’s a free weekly menu planner for you – it prints out on a letter-sized sheet and can either be cut in half or just hole-punched and put in a regular binder.  Either way it prints out adorably, if I do say so.  There’s a square space for a post-it note you can write your grocery list on and then remove to take shopping.  Enjoy! I had fun making it.

Click on the image to download the pdf.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.01.20 AM

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