Planner Friday: Ugh, January

Well, that whole “2017 is bound to be better than 2016!” is working out great so far.

I’ve been having a really, really hard time brain-wise lately, so all those delightful plans (and when I say plans I mean “that stuff I was excited about for like a week before depression set back in”) are on hold, and that also means my planner life has been kind of shit too.  I’ve put forth some effort in the prettiness department but when it comes to actually writing in the blanks I’ve kind of fallen down on the job.  

It happens.  Even a brand new planner with all the possibility of a brand new year can be shat upon by mental illness, the world going to hell, life just getting too hectic to do more than throw up your hands and just go with it, or a combination of all three.  Here’s January in review, regardless – submitted without commentary because, dear reader, I am weary and want to go watch my newly beloved TV show (Lucifer) and have a long Winter’s vodka.



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Planner Friday: Out With the Old…

I want to go into the things that have evolved in my planner this year, but that’s another post – today let’s just have a nice look at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

For the last week of the year I just wanted something pretty and easy, so I took a watercolor texture I had and basically cut it into pieces, slapped some titles on it, and voila:

Since the Aurora Borealis is a bucket list item of mine I used one of my two related washi tapes as an accent.

The font, surprisingly, is called Northern Lights.  I got it in one of those big font bundles Creative Market often features.

Now, allow me to introduce you to the new hotness, my 2017 Plum Paper Planner:

She’s essentially the same planner as I used in 2016 – for the first time I used a single planner the entire year, which I think was at least partly because of how much fun I had decorating it every week.  So I stuck with a sure thing, the vertical lined column layout.  It gives me the structure of columns but without dictating what I put where, aside from the pretty much useless daily checklist box at the bottom.  (I usually just cover that up with pretties.) 

I designed the cover using this gorgeous watercolor background set and one of my favorite quotes, then ordered it through Erin Condren since they have a custom cover option.  Erin Condren covers fit Plum Paper planners in terms of the coil size, but note that they are a bit narrow, so my tabs stick out a bit.  The Marauder’s Map cover I got for 2016 is wide enough to cover the tabs.

(Don’t worry, I’m not getting rid of that cover – I adore it.  I just wanted something new for a while.  I’m still using the bookmark and the cool thing is I can switch out the covers whenever I like.  If you’re looking for a cover I highly recommend Stickebeans on Etsy – the quality of her merchandise is phenomenal especially given her awesome prices.)

Inside the new planner I started off by adding a bank of sticky notes inside the front cover and pasting in my Core Desired Feelings for the year which I mentioned in my last post.

I really like using the same font and watercolor botanicals I got for the new blog design.  Speaking of which, I took it a step further with this week’s New Year theme.

I found the watercolor graphics over on Creative Market by OctopusArtis, whose images are flat out gorgeous.  The download had a limited commercial license, but all I wanted it for was my blog and for personal printed stuff – I’m not going to sell the theme or anything like that, even though in my opinion it’s lovely.  I adore how the Dailies tracker sidebar came out.

In addition to the botanicals I added in some Pinterest-harvested images of things I want more of in my life this year – reading, writing, meditation, yadda yadda.  I like the sense of serenity and space the theme gives this week.  It certainly needed it, as did my blog, in my opinion.

I also included my list of Core Desired Feelings as a sort of invocation.  Overall I’m pleased as punch.

Whatever’s in store, I think 2017 is off to a rather fetching start.




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(Belated) Planner Friday – When Single Shines the Triple Sun

If you actually look at my blog instead of viewing it through a feed reader or similar, you’ll notice things look pretty radically different here today; and even if you don’t, you’ll notice things like the post signature, which is a bit different too.  I’ve redesigned the site for the new year, simplifying things a lot and trying to reorganize content so it’s easier to find what you’re interested in.  Things will continue to shift and pretty-fy for a few more days while I figure out exactly what I want where.  Hope you like it!

This week’s planner wasn’t one of my favorites – it’s in honor of one of my favorite movies, but I just didn’t like the color scheme.  It was really washed out until I added the bits of washi over the column headings, and I never was fully satisfied with it.  But they can’t all be the most awesome!  Still, I have a deep and abiding love for Jim Henson’s weird little collaboration with Brian Froud – you know, the one that wasn’t Labyrinth.  (Labyrinth was never my favorite – I hated the main character and the creatures were a little too creepy for me.  But it did have David Bowie, and David Bowie’s epic tights, so it wasn’t without merit.)

I give you, The Dark Crystal.

Font: Worstveld Sling Extra

I have to beg indulgence from my darling niece Alysha – I totally put her birthday on the wrong damn day.  *facepalm*  It should be the 10th.

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Planner Friday: True Colors

Well, so, November happened.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Last week I defaulted to a theme I already had made but hadn’t used, keeping with the unintentional monthlong monochrome metatheme:  Pink!

It’s known to a select few (and now all of you) that I hate pastels, and most of my life have detested pink, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve had to admit there are some shades I actually do love, preferably combined with black and covered with skulls.


For this week, heading into the new month with absolutely zero holiday spirit (even less than usual, gee I wonder why), I decided to ask myself a deep question:  What can brown do for me?


As usual, you won’t be seeing a lot of Santas and Christmas trees in my planner; to me Christmas is like that band Twenty-One Pilots – hugely popular in the mainstream, kind of ubiquitous, but tends to make me stabbity unless I’ve been drinking.  Thus I’m not sure what sort of themes I’ll be doing this month, though I’ll try to keep the Grinching to a minimum.



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Planner Friday: Everything is Normal…Yeah.

Well, Plum Paper got me for another year – I just ordered my 2017 planner, just like my 2016 only with fewer added sections.  I realized I’d rather create my own checklists and such than use premade ones, so I just got a bunch of note pages in the back.

I am, however, ordering a custom planner cover from Erin Condren; you’ll certainly see it when it gets here.  I’m rather in love with the design I came up with.

Since last week the last thing I felt like doing was posting about planners, here are two weeks’ worth of themes.  Last week was pretty simple, just another Autumn theme that was sort of “fallen leaves and books” based.

This week was all about purple.  I’ve done a purple theme before but I loved this one soooooo much.  I can tell I’ve done it right when I enjoy opening my planner and just looking at the pages, and writing in my to-do list is a pleasure rather than a chore.

I thought about doing something political, but decided that was the last thing I wanted to stare at all week.  Maybe later when it doesn’t sting quite so much.



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