Great Moments in (My) Witchy History #1


If you just go by the Nosce te Ipsum posts from earlier this year you might think my entire religious life has been one bummer after another.  Not true.  As a person with a negative bias (like most people, truth be told) I tend to let the fun, rewarding, and moving moments slide while clinging to the “Witch Done Me Wrong.”  That’s not to be critical of myself; years of quiet positive experiences don’t exactly shout louder than “possessed on couch during birthday party.”

Since it’s Halloween week, and I’m finding myself drawn back toward my Pagan roots (does it count as roots if it’s not what you were born into, but what you were born into was icky?) at least in a nostalgic capacity, I thought I’d share a story or two about the good or at least entertaining parts of Witch life.  I stayed with it for nearly two decades, after all – at least some of it had to be awesome!  (Frequently what was awesome was me.)

This story kills at parties. Read more

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