Met by Midnight: A Timeline

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Hey all!  I’ve had a couple of requests to list where exactly on the Shadow World timeline the stories in Met by Midnight fall, so, here’s the full timeline of the series…including the titles of upcoming books 7 and 8, just in case you were curious.

The Job Interview
Strange Fire
Only You
Wrecking Ball
One Night in Sacramento
Earlier That Night

Queen of Shadows
The Mission (happens during Queen of Shadows, just after Miranda “dies”)

The Space Between
A Lovely Way to Burn
The Big Bad Wolf
In Memoriam
The Lion and the Mouse
Battle Dress


A Bit Touched
He Said, She Said

The Chosen One and Mileage Report could happen any time between Shadowflame and Shadowbound; they didn’t have a specific moment in the story, but were more slice-of-life.

Shadow’s Fall

Of Shadow Born


Cue the Rain

Shadow Rising (Book 7)
Lady of Shadows (Book 8)


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Now Available…

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With her Shadow World novels, Dianne Sylvan introduced readers to a cast of complicated, powerful, nerdy vampires, Witches, and Elves who populate the nocturnal reaches of our world. Set in Austin, Texas, the series follows singer Miranda Grey as she becomes Queen of the South and she, her partner David, and their friends become embroiled in a midnight war for the fate of their kind.

Now, Sylvan offers a collection of “DVD extras” – supplemental scenes, short stories, character studies, and other fun pieces to add to the novels. Find out what happened the night before Miranda and David met; how other celebrities feel about Miranda Grey’s idiosyncratic lifestyle; what life is like for a long-suffering member of the Haven staff; and many more.

This collection features EIGHT all-new, never before published pieces – and, as a bonus, the first chapter of the as-yet-untitled seventh novel of the series.

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And to download a .pdf version:
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Shadow World Extra: Order Form

Just for fun I made a much cruder version of this last year and thought I’d update it to reflect current circumstances at the Haven (and my slightly better grasp on graphic design).

I had this idea that there must be concierge-like businesses in the Shadow World contracted to do the shopping for these busy, eccentric nerds of the night.  Sure, the household staff could manage it, but it seems more efficient to outsource everyday errands to professional shoppers.  Naturally if for some reason the online order form wasn’t working it stands to reason someone would leave out a list for everyone to jot down what they’re running low on.  I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

order form

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Coming July 5, 2016…

mbm coverMet by Midnight – Shadow World Stories and Scenes, Volume 1

Now you can own the entire collection of Shadow World extra stories – not just the ones that were featured here on my website, but NINE BRAND NEW STORIES that have never been seen before.

This edition will be available for Kindle and Nook, as well as in pdf format, for $4.99.

(No print edition is currently planned.)

The stories run the length of the entire series up through SHADOWSTORM.  Spend more time with your favorite characters and get to know a few better.

(Collection won’t include graphic Extras like the LOLCats or “Little Known Facts”; those will still be here on the site for free.)

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Just two more weeks till the Storm…

(Or it was when I started this post.  Now it’s 12 days. 12 DAYS!)


SHADOWSTORM will be available for purchase and download in less than two weeks!

Now, I’ve never dealt with Amazon’s CreateSpace before – the Kindle store takes less than a day to approve and list a new book, but CreateSpace and the Nook store might need longer, so I’m planning to upload all relevant files early next week.  What that means for you, gentle reader, is that there’s a chance SHADOWSTORM might be available before the official release date.  If you see it is, by all means, order! Hopefully when Book 7 comes around I’ll have a better feel for how all this self-pub stuff works in my world.

At any rate, over on my Facebook page I’ve been posting songs from the “official” SHADOWSTORM playlist, so if you’ve been entertained by my soundtracks in the past I recommend you hop over and follow me.  I’ll be posting a different song every day (more or less) until March 1.

On to the actual post.  I’ve been asked many times since the Shadow World appeared (and the Agency, too, for that matter) which of the landmarks and businesses in the books are real and which I made up.  I treat Austin as a character in the books, and it seems to work.  So I thought I’d give you an updated list of places in the books that are “real/not real,” not to be all Peeta Mellark about it.

Real (or Once Real) Locations in the Shadow World Novels

Strait Music
Austin Java
Barton Creek Greenbelt
Book People
Alamo Drafthouse
Waterloo Records
Zachary Scott Theatre
The Driskill Hotel
The Texican Cafe
Kerbey Lane Cafe
Zilker Park (the Austin Live Music Festival is not real, but is based on big music festivals like SXSW and Austin City Limits)
Paramount Theater
Amy’s Ice Cream
Freebird’s World Burrito
Brackenridge Hospital
Houndstooth Coffee

Fictional Locations in the Shadow World Novels

The Bat Cave (As in where Miranda records her albums; then again, the other Batcave, David’s office, isn’t real either, but I doubt I had to tell you that.)
Mel’s Bar & Grill
The Winchester Bank Building (It surprises me how many people think this one really exists.)
The Ambassador Hotel
Travis County Psychiatric Hospital
The Torch Song
Slim Shaky’s Espresso Bar  (People ask about this one more than any other.  Sorry, it’s fictional, and yes, it’s a play on Eminem’s alter ego.  Why? Because I thought it was funny.)
The Black Door
Deep Six
The Plague Rat
The Riviera
Hunter Development
Newman’s Deli (the approximate location where Miranda hides while waiting for Kat during Queen of Shadows is actually a Schlotzsky’s)
Anna Hausmann Memorial Clinic
Madre Luna tattoo parlor
IntelliGenetic Labs

Also, I probably don’t have to point out that there aren’t nearly as many empty warehouses and abandoned buildings in East Austin as it sounds like there are.

Locations Outside Austin

In California:
Muir Woods – real
Tower Bridge in Sacramento – real
St. Anthony’s Church – not real
La Caccia – not real
Goodall’s ice cream – not real

Rio Verde, Texas – not real, therefore places like the Verde Inn aren’t real either, although unfortunately Wal Mart is a real thing in the world.

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