Coming July 5, 2016…

mbm coverMet by Midnight – Shadow World Stories and Scenes, Volume 1

Now you can own the entire collection of Shadow World extra stories – not just the ones that were featured here on my website, but NINE BRAND NEW STORIES that have never been seen before.

This edition will be available for Kindle and Nook, as well as in pdf format, for $4.99.

(No print edition is currently planned.)

The stories run the length of the entire series up through SHADOWSTORM.  Spend more time with your favorite characters and get to know a few better.

(Collection won’t include graphic Extras like the LOLCats or “Little Known Facts”; those will still be here on the site for free.)

Or, come join my Patreon, and receive a pdf of the collection in July as a thank-you for supporting my work!


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