Coming March 1: Shadowstorm, a Novel of the Shadow World


In the sixth novel of Dianne Sylvan’s Shadow World series, vampire Queen Miranda Grey’s immortal family is on the verge of breaking. She and her husband David now rule most of the United States since their mysterious new enemy, the Order of the Morningstar, began assassinating the leaders of the vampire world. Her best friend Deven is a broken ghost of who he once was after a loss that should have taken his life. And Nico, the creature who left his entire world behind to help them, is losing his immense arsenal of magical power – and his will to live – inch by inch.

But now, in the midst of a national tour to support her recent album, the situation goes from bad to worse: Miranda’s darkest secret is about to cause her two worlds to collide. When Morningstar moves more of its pieces into place and nearly destroys one of her own, the only choice Miranda and her family have is a gambit so audacious it could change the entire game…but will the fallout be a blessing, a curse, or something made of both?

On sale March 1 at (trade paperback and Kindle formats) and (Nook format).  Links will be provided as soon as available.  

(Due to publishing format, pre-sales will not be conducted.)

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Late-night meanderings

So…I’m awake, and I don’t want to be.  I had a horrible dream that combined three of the worst players in my Roster of Sleep-Related Miseries:    a sick/dying animal I couldn’t save, some kind of countdown (which funnily enough usually ends up being that in the real world I really, really have to pee), and someone I’m in love with humiliating me in public for being fat.  (This is usually someone I’ve been hot for for years, or a celebrity crush, or some other Big Important Person who can destroy you in a single sentence, a single derisive “Wait, you mean HER?” laugh.)

When I have dreams like that I feel dazed for a good hour.  It’s strangely easier to have nightmares that are obviously nightmares – horrible things from my past, being eaten by wolves, running from a tornado.  But when the whole thing was a series of dreadful emotions, it’s harder to shake off, because it cuts deeper.  Zombie dreams?  Scary at the time but ultimately unbelievable.  Having a beautiful man tell a big group of people he wouldn’t fuck me with someone else’s dick?  Stuff like that has happened to me while I’m awake, so, it’s harder to dismiss as “just a dream.”

At any rate, it means I’m awake, and I checked my inbox to find a WordPress notice of a comment needing moderation.  It occurred to me I hadn’t looked at my blog comments in months – I catch a few, but never all of them.  I’d like to apologize to everyone who left a comment in the last 3-4 months and it seemed like I ignored you.  I weighed the pros and cons and decided that re-engaging with my audience is more important than dealing with trolls, so I turned the “Email me for every comment” feature and now I should see them all.   I”m so grateful that so many of you have left comments all this while and I hope to be more involved in the future.

Unrelated but related note:

I miss LiveJournal.  I used to be hella prolific over there – I didn’t want a private diary, I wanted what it had, a semi-private place to tell my story no matter how banal or how terrible, with an audience made of people I’d vetted, who had also vetted me for their own. That sense of mutual validation was so important.  “I hear you.”  Sometimes those are the most beautiful three words in English.  I think Facebook sucked the spirit out of online personal content, and while it definitely has its advantages, well, we all know how badly Facebook can blow a goat.

Which is not to say Facebook is pure evil or LJ some kind of paradise.  They have their advantages and disadvatages just like any other platform.

I’d go back to LJ, but a) it’s kind of a ghostown now, and b) I think I’ve outgrown it.  Facebook did  everything I wanted LJ to do except prioritize long-form posts of text.   That I guess was where blogging was supposed to fill in the gaps, but my easy confessional style never quite translated.  Now I’m wondering if maybe it should.  If I should start having random rambles and occasional rants, just talk about the weird crap that happened on the way to Target, along with more Nosce te Ipsum type posts.  Throw out the supposed “rules” about what you should post where and when, and just be as random and weird as I actually am.  What would you, intrepid reader, think about that?

I’ll even read all the comments this time.

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Whoops! I Did it (to my website) Again

If you read this blog on the actual site it lives in, you might have noticed this morning that WHOA IT’S GONE TO BLUE!

Last night I redid my Etsy store banner, and it gave me the wild hair to do a new header for my actual website – little did I know the terror it would unleash.  I ended up changing the colors on every damn header, redoing menus…see all the buttons on the sidebar?  I had to redo those from scratch because I have no earthly idea what I did with the old files.

At any rate, I was tired of how dark the site was; this might be a bit *too* bright, but I think after I tone down the background a little it’ll be just what I wanted.

In the meantime since I don’t have any meaningful content, here are some more of my favorite fonts.

All fonts can be downloaded free at dafont.


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Bees, Beavers, Butt-Kicking Contests

small isisI’m not ready for Spring yet – at least, my body isn’t ready.  I want at least one more good hard freeze, a week where I can wear my favorite sweater; then if it wants to ramp up to the 70s that’s fine.  Unfortunately Texas doesn’t really give a crap what women want, so it is currently pushing 80 before March even begins.

Mentally, though, it would seem Spring has sprung in my fevered little brain.  I suddenly find myself in the middle of, or beginning, a ton of projects.


1.  Writing book 6 of the Shadow World series.

SHADOWBOUND will be out in one month – don’t worry, I’ll have the usual giveaways and excerpts in the weeks to come.  Now that I’m wholly responsible for the rest of the series I’m working out my publication schedule; if everything goes as planned (that’s a decent-sized if right now, and not a firm date) book 6 (still untitled) will be available in September.  Obviously once I have an official date I’ll let you know.

2. Working on more inventory and custom orders for Tiny Relics.

I’ve got quite a few custom pieces in the hopper, and I also recently bought a lot of miscellaneous tins on Ebay – all different sizes and depths, so I can do all sorts of fun things.  Expect to see more tiny shrines like the mini Buddha I posted last week (sold that day, yay!) and some that are way bigger.  I’ve also got plans for a few non-shrine items like a house blessing box just to keep things interesting.

I’m also working on more art to go inside the shrines.  I would prefer to eventually use nothing but my own work; I try to avoid anything that would cause a copyright kerfuffle, but I’d really like it if these little works were 100% my creation.  (I’ll put anything you want in a custom order; I’m just talking the store inventory.)  The image above is one of the bits of art I’ve made for Tiny Relics, and I hope to have an Isis shrine ready to go very soon.

3.  30 Days of Lists – March edition

I’ve done #30lists once before and had a grand time, so I thought I’d play along again this year.  It’s a very simple journal challenge (or scrapbook, however you want to do it) where a different list is posted each day, and you answer it and illustrate/decorate it however you want.  Most people who do it use a journal or album they specifically set aside, and use it as an opportunity to pretty something up using leftover supplies or scraps.  I plan to use one of the Moleskines I bought for some purpose I don’t remember.  The challenge starts March 1, so hurry and sign up if you want to play!

4.  The 2014 Sketchbook Project

I tried to do this one before and failed miserably – I just ran out of inspiration.  This time, though, I’m not going to start working on it until I’ve got a theme in mind and have decorated my cover.  The Sketchbook Project is an art library of over 26,000 artists’ books; they send you one, you fill it up and send it back, and it goes on display and also in their traveling exhibit.  You can also have yours scanned and added to the digital gallery.  You don’t even have to use the same paper they send; a lot of people take theirs apart and remake it out of thicker paper, and use the same cover.  (The finished piece has to be the same size as the original book.)

I think I’ll do better this time around. It doesn’t hurt that the deadline isn’t until January 2015.

Oh, and here’s my most recent art journal pages, in case you didn’t see them on Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr:

photo 4

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