CrazyBeautiful Freebies

Here’s a list of all the free printables and graphics I’ve posted.

Printable Things

Book Lover’s Freebie – printable bookmarks with notes.

What’s Holding Me Back? worksheet

Kawaii Meal Planner

7 Secrets to Body Positivity 

Kitchen Silhouettes Menu Planner (full page size)

Monthly Goals flower graphic

Magic Words workbook (includes a 2015 calendar, but you could use the workbook itself any time)

Daily Page for people with mental illness

Baymax mood/symptom trackers

Free full size box stickers for Erin Condren and Plum Paper Planners

Fall and Harvest related decorative stickers

A full Mabon weekly sticker theme

Graphical Things

Shadow World – Elvish Lullaby  (The rest of the Shadow World Extras can be found here.)

Hand-lettered Rumi Quote

Antonio Machado Quote

Facebook Cover Images (Shadow World and others)

A Vegan Pagan’s Prayer

Bravery Quote

Lies My Depression Tells Me

I Believe…

Isa Chandra Moskowitz Quote

Every Time I Stumble Quote










7 thoughts on “CrazyBeautiful Freebies

  1. six years since my vow to love myself more during a long term relationship with so many contradictions coming from the man who supposedly loved me. i thought i had to give myself up to him to be considered ‘lovable’. it seems every time i sense something unequal in relationships and want to explain that it’s wrong i get the “you’re abandoning me!!!” response from partners. my partner wanted me to marry him before he died last year, and i didn’t. i told him i was willing to be there for him & that we could create our own little ceremony (we did). i went out of my way to take care of him for many months. the last time was “something else”. where he would want me to accept not knowing how to do things, he turned on me, and refused to speak to me after that.
    he had claimed repeatedly how valuable communication was in the past, and like so many times before, didn’t do the same things himself. i felt so awful after that, feeling worse months after that last time. now i realize i need to take myself back for my own emotional health, and celebrated the sixth year of my self-love commitment today.

  2. This is the first time I have read any of your stuff I love it and would love to support you with all of your writing. I am a plus size woman and struggle with being overweight I love myself but so times find it hard to except I am big. But you are a true inspiration for women of all sizes, ages, colors or, religion. Thank you

  3. I agree it’s a bad idea – and I hope you’re right that it’s dead and gone. I always regarded it as an attempt by the SNP leadership to subvert the will of the membership, to give them a little bone but with continued Ministerial office the main objective.

  4. – You make it a point to give your employees the frequent, timely and specific feedback they need to stay on track and move their projects forward appropriately. You recognize and

  5. I am behind on blog reading… I am sorry you can’t eat anything. Or drink coffee. I went without it for months bc it made me sick, now I drink a watered down cup of it when I can’t stay awake during the day!I hope your “diet” fixes your spasms! I also hope you can have coffee again!

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