CrazyBeautiful Freebies

Here’s a list of all the free printables and graphics I’ve posted.

Printable Things

Book Lover’s Freebie – printable bookmarks with notes.

What’s Holding Me Back? worksheet

Kawaii Meal Planner

7 Secrets to Body Positivity 

Kitchen Silhouettes Menu Planner (full page size)

Monthly Goals flower graphic

Magic Words workbook (includes a 2015 calendar, but you could use the workbook itself any time)

Daily Page for people with mental illness

Baymax mood/symptom trackers

Free full size box stickers for Erin Condren and Plum Paper Planners

Fall and Harvest related decorative stickers

A full Mabon weekly sticker theme

Graphical Things

Shadow World – Elvish Lullaby  (The rest of the Shadow World Extras can be found here.)

Hand-lettered Rumi Quote

Antonio Machado Quote

Facebook Cover Images (Shadow World and others)

A Vegan Pagan’s Prayer

Bravery Quote

Lies My Depression Tells Me

I Believe…

Isa Chandra Moskowitz Quote

Every Time I Stumble Quote










6 thoughts on “CrazyBeautiful Freebies

  1. This is the first time I have read any of your stuff I love it and would love to support you with all of your writing. I am a plus size woman and struggle with being overweight I love myself but so times find it hard to except I am big. But you are a true inspiration for women of all sizes, ages, colors or, religion. Thank you

  2. I agree it’s a bad idea – and I hope you’re right that it’s dead and gone. I always regarded it as an attempt by the SNP leadership to subvert the will of the membership, to give them a little bone but with continued Ministerial office the main objective.

  3. – You make it a point to give your employees the frequent, timely and specific feedback they need to stay on track and move their projects forward appropriately. You recognize and

  4. I am behind on blog reading… I am sorry you can’t eat anything. Or drink coffee. I went without it for months bc it made me sick, now I drink a watered down cup of it when I can’t stay awake during the day!I hope your “diet” fixes your spasms! I also hope you can have coffee again!

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