If you’re new to my work or just want a better sense of me than you’d get from the About the Author page (though I recommend reading that too, just so you know what you’re getting into), hop around the links below and have a look at my favorite posts.  Enjoy!


10 Rules for Fat Girls – easily my most popular post of all time

5 Unbelievably Unhelpful Things to Say to Someone With a Mood Disorder

10 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love on Valentine’s Day

20 Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

5 Things Writers Never Really Want to Hear

Spiritual Stuff

Witch, Please.  – Another really popular post – apparently when I’m snarky I’m brilliant.

My Self-Wedding Vows

As the Ink Dries – Tattoo ink, that is

Balancing the Mojo Budget

Hard Parts, Soft Parts

The Beauty of 52nd Chances

On Puppy Mind

Unfold the Map, Unfold the Soul

Sylvan (adj): of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the woods.

Food and Recipes

Third-Degree Secrets from a Kitchen Goddess – tips and tricks for easier cookery

An Intro to Using Spices

You can find many of these recipes and a lot more as well as culinary advice and general kitchen mischief in my e-cookbook Ahimsa Noms, only $5 over here.

Ambiendi Aloo Mattar – Curry spices + Potatoes + Peas + Sedatives = Fun!


Chai of the Tiger Cupcakes

Sweet Sangria – seriously, I got so hammered on this stuff at my wedding, it was fantastic, and easy to make.

West of Madras Soup




Cheer Up, Vegan Kid

A Vegan Pagan’s Prayer – has downloadable freebie

Don’t Just Sit There Bitching

Body Love

Present and Accounted For – a moment of gratitude toward my body

Fuck it, I’m Cute

From the Book of Menses… (humor)

Mental Health

The Things We Don’t Talk About (trigger warning: suicide)

What it’s Really Like – Me, God, and bipolar disorder


Books That Changed My Life Forever (For the Better)

Saga of a Sucky Non-Sucking Thing (humor)

Adults are Just Children Who Owe Money – navigating adulthood…sorta


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