qoscovSpread throughout the dark corners of our world lies the Shadow World, a society of vampires that feeds off the living. In Austin, Texas, one woman’s madness will drive her into a world that few people ever see – or even know exists…

Shortly after she picked up a guitar, Miranda Grey conquered the Austin music scene with a newfound ability to psychically manipulate her audience’s emotions. But as her powers outgrow her control, her mind is increasingly invaded by haunting secrets and overwhelming sadness. Unable to look anyone in the eye, Miranda is fast approaching the edge of insanity – with no one to catch her fall…

When he outlawed killing humans, David Solomon ignited a civil war among Austin’s vampires. As Prime of the South, his sympathy for mortals angered the old guard who refuse to control their violent urges. David has his hands full with the growing insurgency, but he takes in a broken-down woman, a musician in need of supernatural guidance. Little does he know that Miranda Grey has the power to change his world as well…

Read an excerpt from Queen of Shadows here.

Also available from booksellers everywhere, books 2, 3, and 4:


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And Met by Midnight, Shadow World Stories and Scenes, Vol. 1:

A collection of Shadow World Extras including EIGHT never before published short stories set in the Shadow World.  Available exclusively in digital format for both Kindle and Nook readers.





(Additional scenes, fun stuff, and the definitive Queen of Shadows as told by LOLCats.)


Sara Larson is a pretty average Witch until her coven starts killing people. She runs far and fast to Austin, where she thinks she’ll be safe, but even a new life can’t protect her from the past – and before she knows it, armed men storm her apartment and she is hauled in for interrogation by a strange young man in a long black coat…a young man who doesn’t seem to have a reflection.

Established as an independent sister organization to the FBI, the Shadow Agency fights the kind of crime normal law enforcement can’t: demon-summoning sorcerers, dealers in illegal magical artifacts, even drug lords selling the kind of Ecstasy that could bring on the Apocalypse.  Sara finds herself thrown into the Agency’s administrative department, but that’s only the beginning for the Witch, whose career trajectory and sex life both spin wildly away from the mundane as soon as she sets foot in the Agency’s base of operations.

In multi-volume series of collected novellas and short stories that first appeared on her website in 2008, Dianne Sylvan introduces Austin’s occult law enforcement: Jason Adams, lead Agent, vampire, and violinist; his snarky twin sister Beck, who goes through more bullets than blood; Rowan, an Elf who was once a sacred prostitute, now scarred inside and out from years of slavery; Ness, the human leader of the Texas branch of the Agency; Frog, a brilliant researcher working to combine science and sorcery; Sage, a Witch and baker whose cupcakes are to die for; and of course Sara herself, who will turn all of their lives upside down as she learns how to use her psychic abilities and discovers the depth of her own strength.

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The Agency Volume 1 agency cover 2 agency cover 3 710cytBHYNL._SL1500_


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