Coming July 1, 2016:

Met by Midnight – Shadow World Stories and Scenes, Volume 1

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The full collection of short stories set in the Shadow World, as well as 12 previously-unpublished pieces, will be available for purchase for Kindle and Nook, as well as via pdf.  (This collection will not be available in print.)



A slice of life: Miranda’s Inbox on a typical night at the Haven.  Takes place between Shadowflame and Shadow’s Fall.

The Big Bad Wolf (.pdf)

A night on the job for Miranda, David, and Faith. Written in response to a blog challenge: retell a fairy tale using your own characters. Hence, it’s a little more explanation-heavy than extras that assume the reader is familiar with the Shadow World.  Still, it’s a fun piece – it’s set two months after the end of Queen of Shadows.

Mouse (.pdf)

A couple of years after I did the Big Bad Wolf story, I was asked to join in the challenge again. This time I picked Aesop’s fable The Lion and the Mouse.  I’m not 100% sure of its spot on the timeline, but it’s definitely before Shadow’s Fall, so I’m going to say it’s between the end of Shadowflame and the beginning of Shadow’s Fall.

Haven Supply Order Form No.77a

What happens when you leave a clipboard hanging somewhere that two people can walk past intermittently throughout the evening.

Little-Known Facts About David Solomon

Little-Known Facts About Deven Burke

Queen of Shadows, as told by LolCats

Exactly what it sounds like.  I was feeling silly one Sunday afternoon.

Shadow World Rules

All the basic vampire rules on one convenient page.  Answers such burning questions as, “Do vampires pee?”

Song Lyric Reference List

With Miranda being a musician and all, her story is peppered with song lyrics. Since I’m only able to use very short quotes, I put the references here in case one sounds familiar to you and you want to know who originally sang it.

Shadow World Playlists

Each book has its own soundtrack – some of it’s atmospheric music that inspired my writing, some would play in the background of particular scenes, and some are vital to the action as I see it in my head.

Shadow World Cast Meeting #1

Strictly for fun.  Only really spoils the basic events of Queen of Shadows; all other hinted-at spoilers are false.  Does include some characters you won’t meet until Shadowflame, but they’re pretty self-explanatory (or their actual function in the story is irrelevant for this piece).

Map of the U.S. Signet Territories (as of Queen of Shadows)

A bit crude, but gets the point across. I don’t have a definitive map of the global Signet territories, but I’m working on it.

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