Vegan Pagan Prayer

I choose to give you love instead of pain.

Lord of the forest and field, Lady of the starlit night,

I acknowledge the truth that for me to live, something must die.

I give thanks for the gift of free will,

And I acknowledge the responsibility that comes with the freedom of choice.

I choose then to abstain from the cycle of unnecessary suffering.

I pledge to be an agent of healing, not a bystander to slaughter.

I say to the animals:

You do not have to suffer and die for me.

I say to the workers:

You do not have to kill for me.

I say to the corporate death machine:

You will no longer profit from my blindness.

I say to the Earth, and to all that is holy,

That though we are taught to feast upon war,

I choose to lay down the sword

And take in peace instead.

I ally myself with Nature, not as her master, but as her child.

I will not claim dominion over that which is wiser than I.

Lord of the forest and field, Lady of the starlit night,

May compassion fulfill and transform me

May I give as You give, may I love as You love

And may my choices bring grace to my life

As You bring grace to the world.

So mote it be.


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