Sylvan Points at Stuff: Favorite YouTube Channels

Been a while since I pointed at anything, so let’s have some videos!  

I am a woman of odd enthusiasms, as are, I imagine, many of my readers.  Looking at the channels I subscribe to on YouTube or the Instagrams I follow would be pretty instructive to those trying to figure me out – just, um, don’t read too much into my Tumblr, I’m really not *that* into gay porn.

I think the entire internet just gave me this face:

While Instagram for me is mostly pretty things and food, however, I actually use my YouTube for some practical purposes, including getting the hell to sleep.  I follow a number of meditation music channels and ASMR-related channels to help my anxiety and help me sleep, so they make up a significant chunk of what you’d see on my feed.  I also have several art-related folk I follow, particularly devoted to art journaling and the like, and remarkably few planner-related bloggers, although I used to follow a bunch. A lot of planner-related channels pay way more attention to things like dieting than I really want to hear about, not to mention some of the ones I used to really enjoy have stopped updating (the eternal YouTube struggle).

Here then are some of my favorite YouTube channels, in no particular order.  I’m not listing some of the more obvious ones, like Maru – I wanted to point out YouTubers you might not have heard of.

ASMR Rooms

This channel is brilliant – the creator has built a variety of “rooms” that are basically soundscapes, combining nature sounds, ambient sounds, occasionally voices, and the background noise of a particular location.  In this example she’s captured the Ravenclaw Common Room at Hogwarts, but she’s done rooms from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and others.  They’re all incredibly soothing and evocative.

Peaceful Cuisine

Another ASMR-ish sort of channel, this one combines lovely cooking noises with vegan recipes.  There are usually two versions of each recipe, one with music and one just with the cooking sounds so you can listen as you watch.  I’ve always found cooking sounds – like dicing, pouring, and stirring – really soothing, and the videos are beautifully shot.  The creator is Japanese and occasionally appears on camera but the emphasis is always on the food and the process of prep and cooking.

YellowBrick Cinema – Relaxing Music

A prolific channel for meditation and relaxation music.  They post at least once a day.  Some of their posts are classical music, some acoustic, some ambient, and they range from 15 minutes to 6 hours in length.  There are also videos meant to help soothe babies to sleep, and music for reiki and healing practices.

Vicky Papaioannou

Vicky is one of my favorite art/craft YouTubers, partly because of her wonderful Greek accent, partly because I enjoy the bright exuberance of her style, and partly because her cat Ginger makes periodic appearances walking around on her work table.  I’m not into making handmade cards, but I enjoy watching her try new techniques and show off new supplies, and her art journals are a totally different style from what I originally found online.  It’s obvious how much she loves doing what she does.  

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene is from right here in ATX, which was my impetus for clicking on her “beginners’ yoga” video when I was tooling around YouTube looking for videos to start playing with.  I loved her almost immediately – her teaching style is a good combination of woo-woo and pragmatic, asking students to meet themselves where they are and “find what feels good.”

She’s definitely not a plus-sized yogini, and there are a couple of weight loss videos on her channel, but she typically doesn’t bring up that sort of thing unless that’s the subject of the video.  Since that’s not what I’m there for, I just steer clear of those and stick with what inspires me.  She has videos that focus on all sorts of needs, from yoga for your back and shoulders, to yoga for swimmers or cyclists, yoga for migraines, anger management, yoga for those in wheelchairs, you name it.  There are also meditations and some videos that focus on getting deeper into a particular pose.

I also love her dog Benji.  You know you’re watching an Austin yoga video when the teacher’s dog is in it.

Molly Roberts: HerSpeak

A relative newcomer to my lineup, I happened across Molly when looking for meditations, and I don’t know if it’s her voice, her enthusiasm, or just her flat out adorableness, but I was hooked.  I’m planning to go back to the beginning of her channel and watch anything that sounds appealing.

Molly’s a Pagan YouTuber, and does videos on magick, ritual, and some of my favorite subjects:  BoS/Grimoirekeeping and altar building.  To be perfectly honest it had never occurred to me to look for BoS tours and altar show-and-tell the way I’ve watched planner-walkthrough videos, and how could I have been so blind?!?  Those were always some of my favorite aspects of the Craft, and if I had a remotely video-friendly bone in my body I’d do a walkthrough of my old, hand-drawn BoS just to show how much work and love went into it way back when.

Anyway, thanks to Molly I have a whole new YouTube rabbit hole to fall down, and I’m looking forward to it.  But in the meantime I just love listening to her talk (her voice is an ASMR trigger at times, which only makes it that much more awesome) and love her ideas.  Not to mention she combines magick with something else I love hearing about:  Bullet Journaling.

Incidentally, do you have any mystical or spiritual YouTubers you love?  Pretty much any tradition, as long as it’s non-conservative.  I’m a soul-slut, as you know.  What I’d really love to see are more Pagan planners, bullet journalers, or BoS-keepers.  Recommend away in comments, on Facebook, or Twitter.  

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Planner Roundup – May Through Mid-June

May 1-7 – Just Say Om Theme

For more info on this week’s theme check out the original post – it has links to the artwork, the font, and more about why I created the theme.

Random note:  I usually get pics of my planner on Mondays, at work, where the lighting is terrible but before I’ve had a chance to scribble all over the week.  Some of these were taken later in the week after I’d already started actual planning and listing and so forth.  I’m kind of tired of having such shitty pics for you, though, so I’m going to try and start getting better shots in better light.  

May 8-14 – Deer Theme

Original post.

May 15-21 –  Waterhouse Theme

Original post.

May 22-28 – Peacock Watercolor Theme

Original post.

And now we move into June, which I haven’t already posted, so a bit more detail about those.

May 29-June 4 – Fluorite Color Scheme

There wasn’t really much to this one – I just wanted to do a week with my favorite color scheme, the colors of rainbow fluorite.  I also managed to forget to write down the font name, so, I have no idea what to point you toward if you like it.  Sorry!

June 5 – June 11 –  Sunflowers Theme 

If you know me at all you probably know I hate summer.  Loathe it.  I’m sure people who live in areas where the sun doesn’t try to murder them half the year think I’m a madwoman, but after years of prescription-induced photosensitivity, I’ve gotten to where being out in the heat and especially direct glaring sunlight like we have here literally makes me sick.  

Summer in Texas is endless, brutal, and awful.  And since I don’t like the beach, don’t like swimming or water-related funtimes, and am too vegan to really enjoy 90% of barbecues, most summertime activities are kind of wasted on me.  I want Autumn, Winter, and even Spring – Texas does boast a lovely, if brief, Spring.  But I hate every minute between Memorial Day and pretty much Mabon – it doesn’t even really start cooling off until the end of September if we’re lucky and sometimes not even till Halloween.  So you probably won’t see lots of brightly colored beach-themed and camping-related themes from me from now until Fall – if anything the opposite as I try to distract myself from the season.

However, there are a couple of things that early summer in particular offers around here that I do like:  Sunflowers and storms.  Oh, summer storms!  Violent and wild and electric!  I adore them.  And even though yellow isn’t remotely my color, something about the brazen happiness of sunflowers always makes me smile.  There are stalwart stands of them all along my commute, and they cheer me up amid the relentless heat.  Thus, I wanted to capture them in my planner to remind me that not everything about Summer is awful…although ask me again in late July and I’ll probably say even sunflowers can jolly well fuck off.

Font:  Serenity  (free download)

June 12 – 18 – Wonder Woman Theme

Shockingly (not), I loved Wonder Woman, and I absolutely had to do a theme for the movie.  I had to be sure and include Robin Wright’s magnificent Antiope – can we have her in all action movies from now on?  

Font:  Lilith (all caps)  (free download)

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Planner Friday: Peacockery

Sometimes I find inspiration in books, movies, things I enjoy doing, even color palettes. Sometimes I’m screwing around on Etsy and see some cool digital paper that I want to download and chop into pieces.   There’s so many gorgeous “paper packs” on Etsy, and they’re almost always irresistibly inexpensive.  

That’s exactly what I did this week – I wandered into Paula Kim Studios and found this bright, pretty collection of watercolor-y peacock-y digital papers.  While I was there I got a couple of other packs for weeks in the future when I’m in need of inspiration.  

The font is Andalusia, available from Creative Market.

Here are some other favorite digital paper packs I’ve found on Etsy:

Vintage Forest (and lots of others at FrouFrou Craft)

Gothic Rose, Teal Gothic, and Antique Star Maps at Origins Digital Curio.  (As you can probably guess I don’t go in for the cutesy stuff a lot of sellers have – my faves are usually either vintage styled or watercolor.)

One of my very favorites is this set of galaxy watercolor papers from ClipartAndPrintables – the colors are so deep and rich!  It’s hard to find watercolor images in darker colors.




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Planner…Monday, whoops.

It took me until Tuesday of last week to even get my planner in order – it was that kind of messed up week.  But I did manage to pretty it up eventually.

This week I went with a single artist, the ever-popular John William Waterhouse.  I’m guessing if you’re a girl-type person of a mystical bent you probably had at least one Waterhouse hanging in your dorm room.  

Waterhouse is usually associated with the Pre-Raphaelites but in fact he painted a number of years later, inspired both by the PreRaphaelite brotherhood and by Greco-Roman, Arthurian, and Shakespearean mythology.  

I love his use of colors, and the sense of movement in many of his paintings, particularly that born of the wind.  I chose some of my favorite Waterhouse paintings for this theme.

The font is called Radaern, and is available for free.

You might notice my error – I accidentally duplicated the weekend Mood Box sticker instead of the weekday one.  Oh well.  I knew what it meant.

You might also notice how little I wrote on this week’s planner even though by the time I remembered to take pictures the week was nearly over.  Some weeks I write all over the pages and some weeks I barely have a to-do list.  Life has a way of doing that.  I don’t always have the time, energy, or fucks available to be thorough in my planning; but there’s plenty of room for whatever I need, even if I just need something pretty to look at now and then.

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