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Have you outgrown your religion?

Are you tired of trying to stuff yourself into the boxes of established spiritual paths?

Does doing the same thing for years and years just because it’s “tradition” strike you as counterproductive when it comes to your personal growth?

You might just be a Spiritual Nomad.

The concept behind Spiritual Nomadism is that not everyone is suited to pick a single tradition and stick with it forever.  Spirituality is an ever-evolving thing, and while some folk can do that within the structure of one religion—which is awesome for them—some of us always have a weather eye on the horizon.  We learn a bit here, and a bit there, and gather tools and souvenirs from every tradition we visit, but ultimately we prefer to keep on walking and do our own thing.

Neither of these approaches is right or wrong, but there isn’t just a whole lot of help out there for people who want to draw their own maps instead of sticking to the guided tour.  I found that, when I could no longer reasonably call myself Wiccan, I was sort of floating in the Sea of Muddled Eclecticism, and I had to tread water for quite a while. I might not be able to drag you to dry land, but I can help you blow up your water wings.

How Does the Course Work?

The six course modules will consist of essays, projects, spiritual practices for you to try, and a page of journaling questions for “homework.”  You can engage with the material however you like – just read it if that suits you, or print it out and scribble notes all over it; do all the prayer practices or just use them as inspiration; do all the projects or just those that appeal to you. Of course, for the best experience I recommend you work through the whole thing with full intention and commitment, but hey, everyone’s different.

Is this an Initiatory Course?

Nope. I’m not training you to be a priest or priestess of anything – this course is meant to empower you to chart your own course, meaning there’s no authority I can grant you that you don’t grant yourself.

Is the Course Pagan-Oriented?

Sort of kind of.  I come from a NeoPagan background, so I tend to speak from that perspective, but my hope is that you can be inspired by the material regardless of what God looks like to you.

Sounds Awesome! Sign me UP!

Becoming a Spiritual Nomad:  $20 (E-book only)

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  1. Have been a Nomad for years. I loved “The Circle Within” and am looking forward to this ecourse. 🙂

  2. I am extremely interested in that course. I’ve just devoured The Circle Within and it really spoke to me. But I need more…

  3. Dianne, I love The Circle Within it is one of my favourite books.
    I’d love to take part in this course if it is open to people living in NZ. The only issue I see is the difference in seasons.

  4. This isn’t the correct place to post this – so you can move it as you like. I am a (useless) thin male, who just read your “10 Rules for Fat Girls”, and I just wanted to say I think that you are an awesome person of the coolest variety, and one of the few who are actually making this world better.

  5. Dianne, I am so excited about this & I think several other members of Literal Addiction will be as well. Can you please let me know when you’re ready, & if you’re interested, I’d love to help you promote & advertise on our website & FB pages. :-).

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